Tuesday, December 16, 2008

AT&T 265 - Trimline Telephone with Caller ID & Call Waiting

AT&T 265 - Trimline Telephone with Caller ID & Call Waiting

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Product Description

White Mist, Basic Corded Trim Line Corded Telephone With Caller ID, Call Waiting, Trilingual Setup Menu, 10 Number Memory, Mute, Flash, Redial, Ringer Volume Control, Handset Volume Control, No AC Power Needed, Desk/Wall Convertible, Battery Powered, 50 Name/Number Caller ID History, Remove Button Display Dial.

Editorial Reviews

From the Manufacturer
The AT&T 265 Trimline Corded Telephone is a compact, affordable phone with a range of useful features, such as built-in caller ID and call waiting. The 80 name/number caller ID history ensures access to these numbers long after the calls were received, and the flash button makes the call waiting feature easier than ever to use. This Trimline's compact design make it an ideal phone for small spaces, and it's versatile enough to be mounted on either a tabletop or a wall. This phone doesn't even need access to an electrical outlet as it uses power from the telephone line to operate.

What's in the Box
AT&T 265 Trimline Corded Telephone, mounting base, handset cord, telephone line cord, user's manual.

Customer Reviews

Nice Phone to hang on the kitchem wall.4
The voice tone is very clear, the ring can be set to loud and the caller ID is a bonus. The receiver is easy to knock down so it is best installed in an "out of the way" location. A great phone that works when the electricity is out.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

HTC FUZE Smartphone, Black (AT&T)

HTC FUZE Smartphone, Black (AT&T)

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Price: $199.99
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Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #100 in Cell Phone Accessories
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: HTC
  • Model: FUZE
  • Released on: 2008-11-11
Get down to business and stay close to all your most important contacts and documents while on the go with the HTC FUZE Smartphone for AT&T, which combines a slide-out QWERTY keyboard paired with HTC's intuitive, graphic-rich TouchFLO 3D touchscreen user interface. The Fuze's TouchFLO 3D user interface responds perfectly to your finger gestures when scrolling through contacts, browsing the web, and launching media--all vividly displayed as photos and artwork on the 2.8-inch screen powered by the 3D graphics processor. And with the power of the updated Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system, you'll stay easily connected to your business and personal data on the go with support for a wide variety of email accounts as well as the ability to edit Microsoft Office documents.

The HTC Fuze features a sharp 2.8-inch touch screen, Wi-Fi networking, Bluetooth stereo music, and GPS navigation capabilities.
You'll be able to quickly download video, music and more over AT&T's lightning quick HSPDA 3G network. In addition to access to AT&T Mobile Music (compatible with Napster and eMusic subscriptions), this GPS-enabled phone is compatible with the AT&T Navigator service for turn-by-turn directions as well as its Video Share service, which enables you to send video of yourself to another compatible phone while making a voice call. This phone also features Bluetooth connectivity for both communication headsets and stereo music streaming, Wi-Fi networking (802.11b/g), 3.2-megapixel camera, multi-format digital audio player, MicroSd memory expansion up to 32 GB, and up to 7.4 hours of talk time.

AT&T Service
This AT&T phone can handle high-speed data connectivity via AT&T's 3G mobile broadband data network, which is available in most major metropolitan areas. The AT&T 3G network uses the dual-band UMTS 850/1900 MHz network, and this phone is also compatible with 2100 MHz 3G networks (found in international territories). The AT&T 3G network provides download speeds ranging from 700 Kbps to 1.7 Mbps, and upload speeds ranging from 500 Kbps to 1.2 Mbps. This makes it possible to enjoy a variety of feature-rich wireless multimedia services, and it gives you the advantage of offering simultaneous voice and data services. (For use outside the United States, an AT&T international data plan is recommended.)

Phone Features
With the TouchFLO 3D interface, HTC has taken a great leap forward in touchscreen innovation. It's designed for one-hand operation using simple, gesture-based navigation, allowing you to simply touch, hold and slide along the screen tabs. A quick slide on the home screen quickly activates the most used features such as e-mail, text messaging, music player and camera. This instinctive interface extends to the powerful Web browser, where a useful "zoom in, zoom out" feature makes it especially easy to access the Web via the included Opera browser, which provides for desktop-like Web page renderings and user interactions. An integrated accelerometer senses when you change the position of the phone from portrait to landscape viewing, and it auto-rotates the screen's orientation.

The HTC Fuze features a sharp, 262K-color 2.8-inch VGA touchscreen (480 x 640 pixels) for touch-sensitive navigation control, complete with three-dimensional animated transitions. For email, messaging and other data input, the HTC Fuze also comes equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard that slides out from the smartphone's side.

It comes equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard, which was designed specifically for AT&T and slides out from the smartphone's side.
Business users can choose from several popular platforms to access your corporate e-mail. The Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional platform offers seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook information including email, contacts, calendar and to-do lists. Additionally, Good Mobile Messaging and BlackBerry Connect compatibility will be offered late in 2008, while personal email can easily be taken mobile using AT&T's popular Xpress Mail service. You can access and edit email attachments using mobile versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint.

In addition, the HTC Fuze supports scores of industry-specific applications as well as Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager (MDM), an enterprise-grade mobile device management solution that also provides security, mobile Virtual Private Network (VPN) and software distribution for Windows Mobile devices enabled for Windows Mobile 6.1.

Customer Reviews

Buy, Customize, Enjoy!5
I own both Touch Pro and Fuze. After using both for almost a month and AFTER customizing, I feel the Fuze is a better option. The keyboard on the fuze is remarkable. The feel of the keys is NOTHING like the Touch Pro. Very smooth with a great clicking feel and it slides much better with a solid feel. It appears that by charging it with usb to computer(trickle charge) instead of adapter in wall outlet, my battery life is MUCH better. I got three days out of a single charge with moderate use and the battery life on the Fuze has always been better than the Touch Pro. I customized it with a BIG thanks to xda developers for tips on getting rid of all the ATT bloatware, keeping the useful applications, and changing the DRAB grey to black! Overall, this phone does it all and is a joy to own!

Amazing tool and toy!!5
I bought a Fuze a few weeks, upgrading from a Treo 680. I must say that they are totally different animals. The Treo was an effective, rather basic tool for work and communication. The Fuze is a highly sophisticated pocket computer that has an incredible range of uses from business to play. Here are more specific thoughts:

1. Choices: I looked at the Treo Pro, Samsung Epix, and the Blackberry Bold. The Fuze sold me on all of the issues I will discuss below.

2. Form factor: I'm not one of those business guys you see in airports with their phones in their belt holsters (not a good look in my view). I always keep my phone in my pants or shirt pocket, so the Treo (and just about every other smartphone) is just too big for that. The smaller size is great for me. Admittedly, the Fuze is a bit heavy and thicker than most, but the smaller over-all size makes up for that.

3. Keyboard: I might have been tempted to get an iPhone, but I use my phone a great deal for emailing while traveling and I just couldn't get the hang of typing on a virtual keyboard. The Fuze's slide-out keyboard is expansive compared to the Treo's and other smartphones of that style. I love the top row of punctuation because I use punctuation much more than numbers and it's nice not to have to press the Fn key for such a necessity while writing.

4. Tweakability: In researching the Fuze I found some amazing web sites devoted to it, including fuzemobility.com and xda-developers.com. Though I love technology, I'm no technophile, so I was really stumped when I began to install apps and tweak the Fuze. But thanks to some great people in helpful forums at xda-developers.com, I was able to install many great programs (e.g., FM radio, free GPS, more attractive theme, even convert the camera flash into a flashlight) and tweak its functioning and appearance so it can do so much more than just out of the box. I was also able to remove that annoying bloatware that AT&T puts on the phone.

5. Windows Mobile: Though Windows Mobile is often criticized, once I got the hang of it, and learned where everything was located (not at all intuitive), I'm able to move around the Fuze easily. I've also set up my menus and tabs so those apps I use most often are readily available. It is a bit slow periodically.

6. Syncing: The integration with my PC, primarily my Outlook calendar and contacts, is a breeze. I was concerned about transferring my Palm data to Outlook, but after researching different options, I found the easiest is to simply reinstall the Palm software and designate Outlook as the program I would be using.

7. Screen: It is incredibly sharp and detailed. I find the TouchFlo screen generally easy to use. Coming from a Palm, I usually use the stylus. I must admit that the screen often confuses swiping with opening, which can be annoying. But over all, I find it beats a scroll wheel.

8. Camera: No smartphone I found had a 3.2 camera that can take real, useable pics. Nice to have when I forget my camera.
9. Voice Command: Amazingly enough, the Voice Command actually works for calling and opening programs.

10. Annoyances: no 3.5 headphone jack, two different Programs pages, can't move around icons on the various screens. All very minor.

Over all: A powerful business tool and a great toy.