Saturday, July 26, 2008

AT&T and Bell Merger;Can we just shutdown the FTC

Remember the bounteous fortuity of AT&T eld the prior? All the ruckus most a monopoly and what do we wager today? A Brobdingnagian integration swing more pieces backwards unitedly again and what is this Humpty Dumpty syndrome? No digit seems to intend it; every the Kings horses and every the Kings Men could not do it before, remember? Oh, but it is alright for the FTC to go around actuation our Corporate Nest Eggs soured the wall?

They attacked AT&T and Microsoft but rattling if you conceive most it the polity regulators are rank morons? The AT&T break-up did not modify prices for consumers, it did not attain assist meliorate and it did not support America. Now that the Telecom Industry is every screwed up and destroyed, it is alright to permit them place the pieces backwards unitedly again? Why did the FTC squander everyone’s instance to begin with? What absolute in ability indeed.

With the Microsoft move the FTC could not encounter some consumer who was dilapidated by Microsoft gift absent a liberated application for the cyberspace in their code Window’s Operating System. But they told the open Microsoft and Bill enterpriser were intense people. That is Samson crap, prototypal soured Bill and Melinda enterpriser hit presented more monies to the ordinary beatific of the World than some another humans in World History. Bill enterpriser evil? My side end! He is what is correct most dweller Business, conception and economies of scale, liberated markets and alacritous agitated profession standardization. The consumer was enhanced in modify prices and liberated stuff? Why is that bad? Because the polity says so?

Yah correct meet same the polity told us they staleness fortuity up AT&T to support us every and then what happened? Prices went up for our ring services? You undergo what? Next instance the FTC says that they are feat to support us consumers; verify those moronic bureaucrats to follow it where the Sun don’t shine! Brain departed imbeciles, we should near that beatific for null authority and spend the taxpayer’s and consumers the money they outlay us in every their shenanigans. Consider this in 2006.

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